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SWAT Environmental Was Established

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1988 SWAT Environmental was established by Christopher Coffey and became one of the first radon mitigation professionals in the Environmental Protection Agency Radon Contractor Proficiency Program. SWAT Environmental has grown to become America's largest radon mitigation company dealing with radon mitigation. It was purchased in 2002 by a realtor who recognized the need for focus of radon mitgation in the real estate industry.

“We focused on providing a quick response time matched with effective mitigation systems to aid in the real estate selling and buying process”

SWAT Environmental has installed more than 100,000 radon mitigation systems across the U.S. and more than 15,000 in 2013 alone. We have more employed SWAT employed certified radon mitigation technicians on staff than any other radon mitigation contractor. All of our technicians go through state certified training programs that focus on radon mitigation and radon reduction in your home or office. Our extensive staff leads the radon industry in reducing radon from residential, commercial, public sector, and real estate industries. We are also preferred vendors for several of the largest real estate firms across the United States and in Ohio, and we lead our industry in quality and overall value. If there is problem with radon or radon gas intrusion, we are the professionals to help remedy your radon gas issues here at SWAT Environmental. Contact us for any of your radon mitigation needs.