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Residential Radon Gas Mitigation

Residential Radon Mitigation

If you find you have a problem with radon gas in your home or property, SWAT Environmental is here to help. Exposure to high levels of radon can be very dangerous to yourself and your family, so it’s important to get serious solutions when it comes to mitigation. Residential radon mitigation is an effective process that decreases the radon levels in your residence, even in parts of the country with major radon problems. Contact SWAT today to find out how easy and affordable it is to remedy your radon issues.

How Radon Enters a Home

Radon can enter your home in a number of different ways, and it is important to have a thorough understanding of where that radon is coming from. For instance, radon is naturally present in soil in many parts of the country. The pressure differences between the interior of your home and the soil outside can create a vacuum, called the “stack effect”, causing radon gas to be sucked in through cracks in the foundation or tiny holes in the basement walls. Mitigation efforts will address the underlying problem by equalizing the pressure inside and outside of your home. Once the pressure is equalized, radon gas will no longer be sucked inside, and the overall radon levels will decrease. One type of mitigation method, Sub Slab Depressurization or SSD, utilizes negative pressure fields established underneath the foundation of the home to pull gases directly from the soil.

The foundation and surrounding soil is not the only way radon gets into your home. Many parts of the country have problems with radon in the groundwater, and if you have a well in one of these areas, your home is automatically at risk. Since radon is a colorless and odorless radioactive gas, it can seep into your home any time you use the shower, wash the dishes, or turn on the tap.

Again, any residential radon mitigation program you choose will have to address the underlying problem. If you are concerned that your water is at risk for contamination, SWAT will send a quality radon water test to your home to determine if your well is contaminated. Once the problem is identified, SWAT will take you through the steps to stop the contamination and mitigate the radon levels in your home.

Get a Qualified Radon Specialist

Radon is a serious threat, so any mitigation efforts should be equally as serious. If you suspect that you have a radon problem in your home, you need to have the house, the well, and the surrounding soil tested as soon as possible. If you know you have a problem, it is very important to hire a residential radon mitigation specialist who has the training, qualifications, expertise, and experience to get rid of high levels of radiation inside your home and make sure that they do not return.

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